The following is an article about the history and the upgrading of the
Kaipara Flats phone exchange (which our phone lines are a part of).

Article is from mid 1970's news reports.
(thanks to the former Ahuroa Community News who sourced it in the first place).

Automatic Exchange

The Kaipara Flats automatic telephone exchange is expected to cut-over before the end of the year according to a recent announcement by the Postmaster-General Mr. Wilkinson.  The minister said that nearly all outside cabling work for the new exchange was finished except for some cable diversions and the change over of telephones. “It is expected that the builder will start on the new automatic exchange building early in July and it should be ready by the middle of August” he said.  The installation of equipment will then take about 10 weeks and, if there are no problems the Kaipara Flats exchange will be in use in November or December.  The Kaipara Flats manual exchange opened on December 23, 1921, with 40 subscribers. The automatic exchange will serve about 170 subscribers. Mr. Wilkinson added that a firm date for the cut-over will be announced as soon as possible. He said “The Kaipara Flats people have waited longer than most, and I will do all I can to ensure that the project is completed on schedule. I am in a some-what better position that in the past to give such an assurance."

Kaipara Flats Exchange

The Postmaster-General, Mr. Wilkinson, has announced that the new Kaipara Flats telephone exchange will be brought into service at 2.45pm on Saturday December 17.  Subscribers are now served by the Kaipara Flats Manual Exchange and some are on heavily loaded party lines. After the cut-over most subscribers will have individual or 2 party service and no line will have more than 5 connections. There will be about 170 subscribers at cut-over and the project is expected to cost $135,000.  Free calling for Warkworth and Wellsford will be introduced. Mr. Wilkinson said he was sure subscribers would welcome this long-awaited improvement to their telephone service.  A ceremony to mark the occasion will be held at 2pm on the day of cut-over.

Free Calling for Kaipara Flats

Mr. M Priestly, the Postmaster at Warkworth, announced that following a recent ballot of Kaipara Flats telephone subscribers – with the cut-over to automatic Kaipara Flats, the subscribers will have free calling to Warkworth.  Latest advice indicates that the cut-over may be now delayed until early 1978.