Ahuroa is hardly ever mentioned in the history books compared with our Puhoi neighbour. 
While our history is linked with Puhoi through the original Bohemian settlers,
it would appear we have an interesting history of our own to celebrate. 
And further more, it would seem that Ahuroa was in fact settled before Puhoi.

Below is a timeline of some of the events in the history of Ahuroa.

1854 June 22 - The Kourawhero-Ahuroa purchase of 13,800 acres for 1,200 pounds was completed.
1855 In the mid to late 1850's George Poyner was sent to Komokoriki to set up a Flaxmill, he stayed on in Ahuroa and possibly became the first official resident of Ahuroa. 
1859 First land sales and settlements in Ahuroa (Puhoi was settled after Ahuroa). 
1860 Puhoi Special Settlement. 
1866 6 March – The 'Liverpool' brought 28 new Bohemian settlers – most of the 28 were allocated land in Ahuroa Parish. 
1870 Road linking the Ahuroa Bohemians to Puhoi becomes passable. Original tracks and paths were created by settlers these were upgraded into formed clay roads providing for horse and bullock drawn carts and other conveyances and dedicated as public roads. 
1873 Public Works Department of Puhoi Highway District calls for tenders for bridges, culverts and roading in Puhoi-Ahuroa area. 
1875/76 Government makes an appreciation of ratepayer population of new county. 
1882 Coachline from Devonport to Warkworth via Puhoi/Ahuroa/Kaipara Flats commences. 
1888 May 2 - Sydney Woodcock enrolled as first pupil at Ahuroa School. 
1892 Ahuroa successfully petitions RCC to have its own road board defined. 
1902 21 October - Ahuroa Post Office opens. 
1903 Ahuroa Railway Station opens. 
1905 Woodcocks Railway Station opens. 
1906 Northern Railway reaches Kaipara Flats from Ahuroa.  A small coachline runs between Ahuroa and Puhoi. 
1907 28 February – Last Ahuroa Road Board Meeting. 
1909 The Coachline service from Devonport to Warkworth via Puhoi/Ahuroa/Kaipara Flats closes. 
1910 11 July – A declaration for Incorporation under the Libraries and Mechanics Institutions Act for “The Ahuroa Public Hall and Athenaeum”. 
1917 Office building built east of the train station, complete with counter, telephone booth and hitching rail for customers horses. 
1918 Although we do not know the exact date of St Patricks' construction records show that it was insured from April of 1918. 
1920 Introduction of the motor vehicle to Ahuroa. 
1921 21 December - Kaipara Flats Manual Phone Exchange opens. 
1930's Mid 1930's Ahuroa Roads are metalled. 
1936 Clearing of land on Komokoriki Hill of remaining Kauri (now Davie-Martin land). 
1937 Ahuroa School Bus service begins. 
1938 Swimming becomes a 'sport' at Ahuroa School in the river immediately below the Clifford’s Road bridge, where the Araparera is first deflected along the base of Woodcock’s Hill. 
1950's Early 1950's the school leaving age was raised to 15 so Ahuroa's children had to go on to Warkworth to finish their education.
1955 The last big kauri in the Rodney County is felled. 
1960 Ahuroa Hall entrusted to council for the price of 1 shilling. 
1963 25 Redwoods planted behind the hall. 
1964 Ahuroa School applies to the Hall Committee for use of the Hall as a temporary classroom. 
1965 Hall Grand Re-opening Dance. 
1966 New Ahuroa School buildings opened on Ahuroa Road. 
1967 Ahuroa Railway Station closes. 
1968 Two railway houses are moved off their sites - one went to Wellsford and the other to Auckland. 
1971 Lothlorien Orchard is created. 
1976 Ahuroa General Store closes. 
1976 13 August - Ahuroa Post Office closes. Hall committee applies to retain the Ahuroa Post Office on its site. 
1977 Hall committee applies to retain the Ahuroa Post Office on its site. 
1978 Kaipara Flats Automatic Telephone Exchange opens. 
1980/89 Ahuroa ex-residents Zinzan & Robin Brooke represent New Zealand. 
1996 Ahuroa Volunteer Rural Fire Force is formed. 
1999 Dairyboard Field officer Bill Hanson closes down Percy Tolhopf's dairy property - Percy was thought to be New Zealand's last cream supplier. 
2003 Westcoast/Woodcocks Road tarsealing finished (from Cnr of Ahuroa and Westcoast Roads).


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