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Many thanks to Bruce Sergent and Kevin Hill for allowing me to share their comprehensive website resources.

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ADDERLEY Tommy (R.I.P.) Name Search  
AITKEN Bruce Name Search Rogers Dodgers ~ Heathen Grace ~ Boot Hill Band
ALLEN Bernie Name Search 57A Big Band ~ Arthur Skeltonís Band
ARMSTRONG Tim (Biography) Name Search Politicians ~ Kiwi Bandits ~ Tim Armstrong Band
ARNOLD Scott (R.I.P.) Name Search Tornados ~ Trends ~ Reunion
BARCHAM Bob (R.I.P.) Name Search Wellington College Dance Band ~ Community Arts Service Jazz Tour ~ Don Richardson Band ~ Majestic Cabaret ~ Melody Makers ~ Skyline Band ~ 2YA Radio Band ~ Bob Barcham Sextet ~ X7s ~ Bob's Musicians List
BARNETT Lyn (R.I.P.) Name Search  
BEACH Paddy (R.I.P.) Name Search Sounds Unlimited ~ Compulsion ~ Joyful Crye ~ Valentines
BEAMSLEY Alan Name Search Relics
BEAUCHAMP Bryan (R.I.P.) Name Search Rockabouts ~ Maurie Chan Sextet ~ Darryl and the Demons ~ Blue Diamonds ~ Bari and the Breakaways ~ Breakaways
BEAVER (R.I.P.) Name Search Blerta
BECK Kristy (aka BAMFIELD) (R.I.P.) Name Search Eclipse
BELTON Bill Name Search Ray Woolf and the Avengers ~ Commodores ~ Freddie Keil and the Kavaliers ~ Ray Woolf and the Newsounds ~ Bob D Five ~ Concrete LambMike Walker Trio ~ Trinity
BILDERBECK John Name Search Playdates ~ Velvet Morning
BOASE Michael Name Search Waiters ~ Satisfaction ~ Unfinished Business ~ Cleves ~ Rock n Roll Allstars
BORICH Kevin (Biography) Name Search La De Da's
BRAZIER Graham (R.I.P.) Name Search Hello Sailor
BROWN Ian (R.I.P.) Name Search   
BUCHANAN Stu (R.I.P.) Name Search  
BURGESS Ross Name Search
BUSHBY Brian Name Search No Thoroughfare ~ Latter Rain
CAMPBELL Johnny Name Search Detours
CAMPION John Name Search Megatones ~ Trends ~ Sounds Ad Lib ~ Goodtyme Band (UK) ~ Natural Gas ~ Accord ~ Eclipse ~ Desperadoes ~ Ken Strong Duo ~ Dreams FME ~ Jack Flash ~ Crowd Pleazers ~ Klassic Trax
CAULTON Peter (R.I.P.) Name Search Terry Crayford Trio ~ Midge Marsden's Country Flyers ~ PC Caulton and the Pickups
CHAPMAN Dave Name Search Mustangs (Christchurch) ~ Others ~ Secrets
CHAPPELL John Name Search Inspiration ~ Tradition ~ Page One ~ Kevin Hill's Christchurch Photos
CHARLES Al (R.I.P.) Name Search  
CHASE Colin Name Search Jones Cartel ~ A to Zeev Big Band
CHRISTIE Costa Name Search Maori Hi Five Mambo Showband ~ DeJaBlue ~ Step-a-Side (Venue)
CLARK Kevin Name Search Kevin Clark Trio ~ The 40Watt Banana ~ Los Gringos ~ Fran and the Two Man Band ~ The Dixie Dudes
CLAUGHTON Neville Name Search Viscounts ~ Five Degrees ~ Inspiration ~ Link ~ Tradition ~ Kevin Hill's Christchurch Photos
CLAUSON Lou (R.I.P.) Name Search Lou & Simon
COCKBURN Clive Name Search Mustangs (Wellington) ~ Avengers (Wellington)
COLUMBUS Ray Name Search Ray Columbus and The Invaders
COOK Marsh (R.I.P.) Name Search Ben Tawhiti Band
COOPER Graeme (R.I.P.) Name Search  
COOPER Johnny (R.I.P.) Name Search  
COOPER Ken Name Search Swampdwellers ~ Premiers
COOPER Laurence Name Search Gutbucket ~ Tapestry ~ Sneakers Fall Apart ~ Red ~ Contra
COX Peter (R.I.P.) Name Search Nitebeats
CROOT John (R.I.P.) Name Search Mike and the Beavers ~ Big Four
DAVERNE Gary Name Search Taka Tones ~ Red Hewitt and the Buccaneers ~ The Embers (Auckland) ~ Auckland Junior Symphony Orchestra ~ Auckland Symphony Orchestra
DAVERNE Wayne (R.I.P.) Name Search Sierras ~ Silhouettes
DAWKINS Peter (R.I.P.) Name Search  
de CASTRO Leo (R.I.P.) Name Search Dallas Four ~ King Harvest ~ Bruce Sergent's NZ Music History
DENSHAM Paul Name Search Electrons
DERRETT Rod (R.I.P.) Name Search   
DIEDRICHS Kelvin (R.I.P.) Name Search Pickadors ~ Dizzy Limits ~ Random Thoughts ~ Orange ~ Harbour City Showband ~ Full Circle
DIVER Dave (R.I.P.) Name Search Librettos
DONOGHUE John Name Search Strangers ~ Cheshire Katt ~ Dizzy Limits ~ Timberjack ~ Bulldogs Allstar Goodtime Band ~ Human Instinct ~ Cockroach ~ Mangaweka Viaduct Blues Band ~ John Wayne ~ Crookstrait ~ Warratahs ~ Johnny and the Skyhawks ~ JD Mohawk ~ Electric Puha ~ Puha Bandidos
DOUGLAS Frank (R.I.P.) Name Search  
EAGLETON Tony (R.I.P) Name Search Tony and the Initials
EDWARDS Paul Name Search Cossacks
ELLYETT Jimmy (R.I.P.) Name Search Crescendos ~ Premiers ~ Dallas Four ~ Gugi Walker Quartet ~ Rhapsody
FIFIELD Len Name Search Aquarius Show Band ~ Kelly & Friend
FISHER Paul (Ivor) (R.I.P.) Name Search  
FORD Jim (R.I.P.) Name Search Dallas Four
FOX Rodger (Biography) Name Search Rodger Fox Big Band
FRESHWATER Darryl Name Search Phil Jacobs Combo ~ Freshwater
GALBRAITH Alan Name Search Sounds Unlimited
GARLAND Phil (R.I.P.) Name Search Saints ~ Playboys
GIDDENS Rod Name Search Don Richardson Band ~ Garth Young Band
GILL Graham Name Search Rogues ~ Dallas Four ~ Rebel Rock 
GORRIE (Guru) Dave Name Search Jet Blacks ~ Poles Apart Trio ~ Resurrection ~ Drut ~ Puha Bandidos ~ Off The Record
GRANT Dennis Name Search Next Move ~ Inspiration ~ Kevin Hill's Christchurch Photos
GRATTAN Peter Name Search The Clan ~ Arch ~ Green and Yellow ~ Motivation ~ Apparition ~ Disraeli Gears ~ First Impression ~ Charlie Brown ~ Jolly Roger ~ PG and The Hot Tips ~ Freedom Express
GRIFFIN Paul Name Search Librettos
HALL John (R.I.P.) Name Search Berets ~ Electrons ~ Relics
HANCOX Murray Name Search   
HARRAP Neil Name Search Swampdwellers ~ Premiers ~ Measles
HARRIS Ronnie Name Search Trend ~ Crossroads ~ Fantasy ~ Odyssey
HARRISON Pat Name Search Dorados ~ Cabaret Quartet ~ Impact ~ Al Davis Group ~ Colorados
HARVEY Graham Name Search Other Band
HAWKSWORTH Kerry Name Search Golliwogs ~ Secrets ~ Sierras ~ Silhouettes ~ Waiters ~ Timespan ~ Eclipse ~ Dave Clarke 4 (DC4) ~ Heartbeat
HENDERSON Doug (R.I.P.) Name Search Castaways
HILL Kevin Name Search Christchurch Band Photos 1968 to 1980
HINDMARSH Peter Name Search Librettos ~ Swampdwellers ~ Premiers ~ Roger Whyte Trio ~ Marine Jazz Pickups 
HOPE Martin Name Search Sinewaves ~ Insect ~ Fourmyula ~ PC Caulton and the Pickups ~ Kevin Hill's Christchurch Photos
HOPE Phil Name Search Intruders ~ Kal Q Lated Risk
HYDE Max Name Search Devils ~ Four Coachmen ~ Johnny and the Contacts ~ Kiwi 4 ~ Napier Brothers ~ Sky Rockets
IRVINE Alan (R.I.P.) Name Search  
JACOBS Phil (R.I.P.) Name Search Phil Jacobs Combo ~ Freshwater
JARVIS Bruce Name Search Starlights ~ Chequers ~ Silhouettes ~ John Battersby Band ~ Gray Bartlett's Band ~ Diplomats ~ Trillos Band ~ Terry Gray Orchestra ~ Kavalliers
JENKINSON Dave Name Search Relics
JOHNSTONE Bruce Name Search  
JOHNSTONE Stu Name Search Empress Ballroom ~ Pickadors ~ Dizzy Limits ~ Prohibition Big Band ~ Zingaro
JOHNSTONE Tony Name Search Paragons ~ Dynasty Group
JUDGE Trevor Name Search Yetis ~ Hugo Speman and the Ensigns ~ Bob Wynyard and the Music Method ~ Lou Campbell and the Starlighters ~ Laurie Dunn Quartet ~ Blue Souls ~ Topaz ~ Noazark ~ Kashmir ~ Swayed ~ Rock Candy ~ Ayres and Graces ~ Databand ~ Livewire ~ Murray Hancox and the Flames ~ Gray Bartlettís Band ~ Jodi and the Judge ~ Foreign Affair ~ Affinity
JUDSON Ray Name Search Gary Downs Dance Band
KAHI Mark (R.I.P.) Name Search  
KAIKA Ben Name Search Bitter End ~ Sounds Unlimited ~ Compulsion ~ Joyful Crye
KAY Andrew (R.I.P.) Name Search  
KENNEDY Dave Name Search Auroras ~ Drifters ~ Answer ~ Vision ~ Jack Walker Group ~ Peter Lawrence Association ~ Chapta ~ Link ~ Dave Kennedy & Kate B ~ Kevin Hill's Christchurch Photos
KING Trevor (R.I.P.) Name Search  
KINGSLEY-SMITH Alan (R.I.P.) Name Search  
KNIGHT Byron Name Search Dee Avalons ~ Cascados
LATHAM Trev (R.I.P.) Name Search  
LIMBIDIS George (R.I.P.) Name Search Phil Jacobs Combo ~ Highway ~ Freshwater
LOVERIDGE Murray Name Search Tanglefoot ~ Quincy Conserve ~ Captain Custard ~ The Lick ~ Blues Buffet
LUSH David Name Search Type Four
McANENEY Paddy (R.I.P.) Name Search  
McARTNEY Dave (R.I.P.) Name Search Hello Sailor ~ Pink Flamingos
McCORMICK John Name Search Sounds Unlimited
McDONALD Eddie (R.I.P.) Name Search  
McDONALD Steve Name Search Dizzy Limits ~ Taylor ~ Human Instinct
McFARLAND Grant (R.I.P.) Name Search Blerta
MacGIBBON John Name Search Aardvark
McGOUGH John (biography) Name Search Continental Airlines Auckland Brass ~ 7 Deadly Sins ~ Rick Bryant and the Jive Bombers ~ Queen City Big Band ~ Waitakere Auckland Brass ~ Dalewool Auckland Brass ~ Marlborough District Brass ~ Nelson City Brass ~ National Band of New Zealand
McINMAN Warren "Mac" (R.I.P.) Name Search Silhouettes ~ Sound Advice ~ Kavalliers
McMINN Pat (R.I.P.) Name Search  
McNABB Murray (R.I.P.) Name Search  
McNEIL Kevin (biography) Name Search Mods
MARSHALL David Name Search Waves ~ Lipservice ~ Martial Law ~ DC4 ~ Heartbeat ~ Kavalliers
MATHEWS Ally Name Search Other Band
METEKINGI Ike (R.I.P.) Name Search Maori Hi Five Showband
MILLAGE Barry Name Search Premiers
MILLER Dave Name Search Playboys ~ Byrds
MORGAN Chuck Name Search  
MORLEY Bruce (R.I.P.) Name Search   
MORRIS Ian (R.I.P.) Name Search   
MORRIS Larry Name Search Larry's Rebels
MUGGLESTON Paul Name Search Visit Paul's excellent website
NATHANSON David Name Search Navados ~ Sierras (Wellington) ~ Dukes ~ Statesman
NEPIA Thomas Name Search Herbs
O'CONNOR Kevin (R.I.P.) Name Search Problems ~ Trend ~ Dante's Inferno ~ Blue Terrain ~ Locomotive ~ Funk Junkies ~ Tradition
OSTEN Graeme (R.I.P.) Name Search Catch Hands ~ Other Band
PAGE Robin Name Search Navados ~ Falcons ~ Transit ~ Night Owls ~ Jigsaw ~ Room To Move ~ Dr Feelgood ~ Mediterranean Trio
PAPESCH Claude (R.I.P.) Name Search   
PARKER Milton Name Search Electrons ~ Relics ~ Phil Jacobs Combo ~ Farmyard ~ Freshwater
PARKINSON Chris (R.I.P.) Name Search  
PATCHETT Bill Name Search Catch Hands
PETRIE Doug (R.I.P.) Name Search   
PICKETT Ritchie (R.I.P.) Name Search   
PICKWORTH John Name Search Bernie Allen's Group ~ The Inn Group ~ Auckland Neophonic Orchestra ~ John Pickworth Orchestra
POMPEY Tokoroa (R.I.P.) Name Search  
POSA Peter (R.I.P.) Name Search  
PRICTOR Keith (R.I.P.) Name Search  
PRITCHARD Peter Name Search Cascados
RAXWORTHY Peter Name Search Bitter End
RHONDA (R.I.P.) Name Search   
RICHARDSON Don (R.I.P.) Name Search Majestic Cabaret ~ Don Richardson Band
RICHARDSON Keith (R.I.P.) Name Search  
RINGROSE Brian (R.I.P.) Name Search Playboys ~ Byrds ~ Invaders ~ About Time
ROBINSON Bruce (R.I.P.) Name Search PleazersTroubled Mind ~ FlindersRockinghorse
ROYAL Kipa (R.I.P.) Name Search  
RUKA Reggie (R.I.P.) Name Search Classic Affair
RUSHTON Barry Name Search Ten Feat Five ~ Beatmobiles ~ Kal Q Lated Risk ~ Richard Wilde and the Terraplanes ~ Renato Bros Band ~ Wilde and Reckless ~ Rumour ~ Somersault
SAUNDERS Phil Name Search Phil Jacobs Combo
SCHOLLUM Des Name Search Sierras (Wellington)
SEVISI Bill Name Search Will Jess and the Jesters ~ Bill Sevisi and his Islanders
SHACKLETON Andy Name Search Librettos ~ Swampdwellers ~ Premiers ~ Tony and the InitialsGray Bartlett's Band ~ Ray Woolf's Avengers ~ Embers (Wellington) ~ Terry Crayford Trio ~ Midge Marsden's Country Flyers ~ Night Shift ~ Kavalliers
SHACKLETON Mike Name Search Swampdwellers ~ Premiers ~ Evergreen
SHEEHAN Kevin (R.I.P.) Name Search Hoolanes ~ Disraeli Gears ~ Overnight Bluesband ~ Black and Blue ~ Bad Boys ~ Riverhead Slide
SHEERIN Bruce Name Search Electrons ~ Relics
SHERIDAN Clive Name Search Everything That Flies
SIMPSON Roger (R.I.P.) Name Search Librettos
SMITH Brian (Biography) Name Search Billboard
SOUTHEE Pat Name Search Supersonics ~ Mana Quintet ~ Tubes ~ Reunion
STEBBING Eldred (R.I.P.) Name Search   
STIGTER Frits Name Search Berets ~ Dizzy Limits ~ Timberjack ~ Quincy Conserve ~ Redeye ~ Slack Alice ~ Exchequers ~ Nitesite ~ St George ~ Livewire
STOKES Bart (R.I.P.) Name Search  
STONE Rod Name Search Librettos ~ The Groove
SUNDIN Ronnie Name Search Will Jess and the Jesters
SWAINSON Tom (R.I.P.) Name Search Survivors ~ Spyce of Lyfe ~ Tom Thumb ~ Redeye ~ Arkastra
TAWHITI Ben (R.I.P) Name Search Bill Sevesi and his Islanders ~ Ben Tawhiti Quartet ~ Mariners Showband
TAYLOR Bob (R.I.P.) Name Search Tornados ~ Devils ~ Kiwi 4
TEIHEI Reno Name Search Sounds Unlimited ~ Joyful Crye ~ Compulsion
THAIN Gary (R.I.P.) Name Search Secrets
THOMAS Doug Name Search Le Frame ~ Breakaways ~ Underdogs ~ Hamul
THOMPSON Blake (R.I.P.) Name Search Falcons ~ Other Band
THOMPSON Ian (Tiny) (R.I.P.) Name Search Playdates ~ Off The Record
TUMAHAI Charlie (R.I.P.) Name Search   
VEALE John Name Search Relics ~ Berets ~ Electrons
VESSEY Kevin (R.I.P.) Name Search Cossacks
VINSEN Rochelle Name Search   
WAAKER Nuki (R.I.P.) Name Search Deuces ~ Polynesian Trio ~ NZ Impacts Showband ~ Maori Volcanics
WALKER (WAAKA) Gugi (R.I.P.) Name Search Deuces ~ Polynesian Trio ~ Gugi Walker Quartet ~ Maori Volcanics ~ Quin Tikis
WATSON Johnny (R.I.P.) Name Search  
WATSON Kevin Name Search Empress Ballroom ~ Terry Crayford Trio ~ Midge Marsden's Country Flyers ~ NZ Symphony Orchestra
WHITE Rick Name Search Electrons ~ Relics ~ Farmyard
WHITEHEAD Chris (R.I.P.) Name Search Beam
WHYTE Paul Name Search Chase ~ Decent Chaps ~ Grand Country Band ~ Captain Custard ~ Band of Brothers ~ Silver Dollar Band ~ Legend
WHYTE Roger (R.I.P.) Name Search Roger Whyte Trio
WIGGLESWORTH Steve (R.I.P.) Name Search Riverhead Slide
WILLIAMS George (R.I.P.) Name Search  
WILLIAMS John Name Search Larry's Rebels
WILLIAMS Peter Name Search Silhouettes ~ Max Merritt & The Meteors ~ Groove ~ Backlash
WILLIAMS Rangi (R.I.P.) Name Search Arch ~ Freedom Express
WILLIAMS Toni (R.I.P.) Name Search Tremellos
WILLIAMSON Dave 'Red' Name Search Futures ~ Gene & the Dynamites ~ Mike Perjanik's Band ~ Playdates ~ Keil Isles ~ John Willetts Band
WILLIAMSON Gib Name Search Judge Wayne & the Convicts
WILSON Buddy Name Search Rebels ~ Nitebeats ~ Gray Bartlett's Band ~ Talismen ~ Bill Sevesi and his Islanders ~ Ben Tawhiti Quartet ~ Mariners Showband
WILSON Graeme Name Search Ponsonby Boys Brass Band ~ Manhattan Trio ~ Auckland Neophonic Orchestra ~ Mt.Roskill Brass Band ~ 3rd Battalion Band ~ Arthur Skelton Orchestra
WINCH Martin (R.I.P.) Name Search   
WINCH Rob (R.I.P.) Name Search   
WISHART Alec (R.I.P.) Name Search Hogsnort Rupert
WOOD Murray (R.I.P.) Name Search   
WRIGHTSON Dale (R.I.P.) Name Search Corvairs
YOUNG Garth Name Search  
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