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First published in June 2009

Byron can be contacted at  

I got into the local music scene in 1961 starting at talent quests at the youth club in Seatoun.

Later I joined Kevin Croon and Sharon Purcell and for a while we were called the "Dee Avalons", actually practised at Avalon.  Then later in 1963 Thomas McDonald aked me to join the Cascados line up as lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, with Dennis Morehu lead, Lani Love bass, Ray Earl drums and Max Bell piano.  We had a good time around the youth clubs from Wellington to Upper Hutt.  I remember the Premiers, the Librettos, the Skyrockets and many others being based in Miramar.  But that for me finished in 1964 when we got married and moved to Palmerston North where I carried on doing aircraft engineering.

Since then we have raised five children and now have grandchildren.  Another dozen.  So life just keeps on getting bigger!!  Still like doing a bit of singing but haven't done bandwork very often.  My kids are musical.  And pretty talented.  My youngest son Darren has just moved to Sydney to make a go of his drumming career. I hope it works for him.

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