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First published in February 2011

David can be contacted at magidesignchevrolet@gmail.com


By:- David Patrick Lush
Born:- 23 January 1947

As far back as I can remember I always loved music.

I guess it started when I was very young, maybe about 5 yrs of age.

My Dad bought one of those old HMV Wind-up type Record players which played the old 78s....

He had only one of those old 78s that he let me play with.  I guess it was the one he did not like so much.

Well he told me I used to drive him crazy with that same old record.  I was too young to know in those days.  I never left it alone he said.  The same old song Over and Over again every day...

This is what it looked like.  I do remember that.

So that was the start of my music loving days.

In those early days life was hard and earning a living was difficult for my Dad.

Anyway...  As the years went by and I grew up I spent many hours sitting in front of the old Radio we had.  It seemed to fascinate me in those days.

The big changes in by life came when my Dad was transferred from Auckland to Palmerston North.

Finding a place to live was hard and we did find a place living in the small room at a farmhouse near Ashhurst near Palmerston North.

It was temporary until Dad found a place closer to town.

After that we moved to Palmerston North.  I then went back to schooling again.

Dad bought me a Ukulele.... I learned to play various songs on it then.  At that time Guitar was not the trend in a big way.

Life changed quickly and in the latter years of schooling there were other friends who played in bands and that created more interest.

I also had some friends who played the guitar and quickly lost interest in the Ukulele.

Dad once again came up with a guitar which I used to learn on and play at home and with friends.

Sunday afternoons we used to go to St.Pats hall and enjoy the Dances held there.

Various Bands played there is those days.  One in particular was the CYCLONES.  Drummer Paddy Beach and Mike Findlay were members and also we were good friends.

Then Dad allowed us to venture out at night and things changed so much after that.  Palmerston North was the centre of the 60s Music Era Bands from various cities came here to play. Peter Posa was a favourite of mine.  I just loved that Electric guitar style.

The Shadows, The Ventures, Surfaris...  The Atlantics and others.

Maurice Greer played drums with the Flares Showband and then The Flamingo came to life.

Then I got hooked on Flamingo Blues Rock music.  That was at the time the Grateful Dead and the Jefferson Airplane were getting motivated.  The Flower Power age then came the Beatles.

New Zealand Bands were getting real good.  Bari & The Breakaways, Librettos, La De Das, Four Fours, Max Merritt & The Meteors, Fourmyula, The Pleasers, Ray Columbus & The Invaders and many more.

Local Palmerston North artists were good as well, The Blue Jays were very notable.

Bands were popping up all over at that time.

Some friends were also interested band music and Namely. Keith Jeffries who I learned a lot from while we experimented.

Keith Jeffries later formed the group...

The Type Four
Guitar-Vocals: David Lush
Bass Guitar-Vocals: Garry Powell
Guitar-Vocals: Keith Jeffries
Drums: Hillary O'Donald

I was unfortunate to inducted into the New Zealand Armed Forces and ended up going do service in Singapore & Malaysia then eventually Vietnam.

After being stationed in Singapore for a number of years the Music Scene change so much in New Zealand.

I have collected much New Zealand music over the years in LPs and later CDs.

Most of which has now been converted to MP3 format and saved to my computer.

I have more than 600 Original music Cassettes which have been collected over the years and recently been converted to MP3.  So as life goes on my life has been a musical one.  Mostly covering the 60s and 70s with some newer albums also.


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