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First published in August 2014, last updated April 2016


I started playing guitar and singing at around 10 years of age. 

Many thanks, blessings and acknowledgements must go to incredibly supportive parents and brother for the inspiration, encouragement and mentoring, and sisters for their love, support and patience.

1967 on formed early Skiffle/Jug band type combo's with brother Dennis - The Disturbers, Mother Superiors Traveling Band Of Love and Hope, and played locally to anyone who would listen!... also started writing songs at this time...  

1974 - 1977 was a founding member of WAVES.  An original acoustic guitar, vocal harmony group.  Played live rarely but performances were very well received, (buck a head concerts with Split Enz, and own concerts), recording a self titled album in 1975 through Direction Records (a music retail store of that time) which reached number 6 on the New Zealand sales charts, and recorded a 2nd album in 1977 which was unreleased until 2013, (both albums re-released on Vinyl and 2CD package in May 2013.. )  

1976 - performed, recorded and toured with John Hanlon as accompanying guitarist, guesting with Cilla Black, The Hollies, etc  

1979 - 1980 formed LIPSERVICE Played mostly hotels and clubs though also Town Halls and larger venues, (with many guest appearance performances).  Toured extensively and were signed to CBS NZ.  Recorded and released a self titled album through CBS Records in 1980...    

During the mid Eighties, formed MARTIAL LAW, as a vehicle for original songs toured and gigged frequently.  Recorded an EP on the Hit Singles label through WEA and featured as support guests for many local and International acts...  

Videos of Martial Law from 1983 - "Positive", "Strange Weekend"

In the recent past, I've played and gigged with various working version bands, covering a wide variety of music styles (rock, pop, country, R&B, blues, etc) as well as continuing to write and record original music, and generally enjoying the love of playing and singing music....  

2014 - joined THE KAVALLIERS


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