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First published June 2009

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Seriously bitten by the music ..

John Richard Campbell was born at St George's Hospital, Christchurch, New Zealand on March 26th, 1947 at 1:15pm. 

He completed his first day of school at the local St Albans Primary School in 1952, but the family soon shifted to a new address, and he transferred to the newly-built Mairehau Primary School as a first-day pupil.  Mairehau Primary was closer to his new home, and he continued on there until winning a Choir Scholarship to The Cathedral Grammar School in 1955, where he became a Chorister in the famous Christchurch Cathedral Choir. 

Having completed his primary education, and his first year of High School in the Senior Division at The Cathedral Grammar School, he moved on to the burgeoning Shirley Boys' High School early in 1961.  Shirley Boys' was then in its first year as a complete school - with third through to upper-sixth (now known as seventh) form classes and facilities. 

Johnny soon became very keen to learn the guitar, having heard the Shadows "Apache" on the local AM radio station, and having been captivated by the sound, he began trying to develop and hone his latent fingerboard skills on a ukelele!  Also, at that same time he was learning modern piano from local bandmaster Bob Bradford, tuition that would provide him with a very good understanding of chord structures and musical forms, soon to be a valuable part of his musical career in the yet-to-be-formed band he was destined to front. 

Johnny's first guitar was a Futurama III (which his father purchased for him as part of a package to encourage scholastic diligence and, more particularly, the acquisition of School Certificate) at first the incentive was going to be a 50cc motor-cycle, but "Apache" had changed that!  At this point the concept of a band was just taking shape, and other Shirley Boys were ideal "pop-star companions" as those first steps towards a band were being taken.  Johnny's Futurama III guitar was soon to be replaced with a brand spanking new Fiesta Red Fender Stratocaster - just like our Hank's .......

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