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First published in 2007, last updated April 2016

Ken can be contacted at

Photos & Memorabilia - Swampdwellers, Premiers

It was first 'The Swampdwellers' then 'The Premiers' that introduced me to a career in the Music Industry that thus far has lasted 50 years. 

Fond memories go back to those days at the Rio Grande Miramar where we started promoting our own dances, which in turn introduced myself to the management side of the business, giving me the grounding that later allowed me to organise concert tours for named entertainers in many countries of the world. 

Those days in the late 60's were very special, the group of folk that made up 'The Premiers' and our surrounding friends, not forgetting our supportive parents were also very special. Although through the years we have all drifted in different directions, it is with affection that I say to you all, thank was just great.

Lou Parun and Ken - 2014 Ken and Rod Stone - 2014

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