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First published in April 2009, last updated June 2009

Photos & Memorabilia - Larry's Rebels, Auckland 60's and 70's Reunions

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In 1964 my parents owned Dairyland on Jervois Road close to where the Gables pub now sits. 

Several of their regular customers were musicians & singers who lived in the Herne Bay area among them Tommy Adderley, Ray Woolf and a compere comedian named Johnny Watson. 

My Mother always keen to see me working told Johnny I could sing and explained how I had been entertaining her my Father & their friends since I was a eight years old.  As a result Johnny arranged an audition for me with Benny Levin the famous Auckland Agent and Manager of the very successful Howard Morrison Quartet. 

I was told I would need one song for the audition and that there would be a band backing all those trying out for the agency.  Cliff Richards Living Doll was my choice and I was very happy to discover the band knew it.  The band were all Aucklanders and although young very proficient. 

As it happened Benny Levin said I was nothing special but the backing band thought I was great and told me Benny Levin was out of his mind not taking me on.  When they found out I was from Herne Bay close to Ponsonby where they were from they offered me a ride home.  I remember the drive home like it was yesterday. We were all in the drummers Mothers Ford Prefect.  On the drive home the lead guitar player asked me what I was doing the following Friday?  When I said nothing much he asked me if I would come to the Saint Columbia church in Grey Lynn at seven thirty and sing a few songs with the band.  If you pick me up from the dairy I would love to I told him.  What a night it turned out to be.  We sang every song that we mutually knew and at the end of it on the way home they asked me to join their band The Rebels.  What followed would take a book to write and I am saving that for later. 

These words were written for Andy Shackleton and his site for Musicians.  It is my intention to eventually complete the book.  This could possibly be where I start?

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