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First published December 2012

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I worked at HMV in the 60's when artists like Alison Durbin, Lee Grant and others came in to the recording studios which were in HMV Wakefield Street at that time.  I got to hear artists before the recordings were released ie Jim Hendrix's first album, and Creams first album which blew me away.  Still a big fan but have moved on to other music since those days.

I joined Gutbucket (who are in "When Rock Got Rolling") in about 1967 I think.  The lineup then was Bernard Schmidt on lead guitar, with me backup and extra lead, Mike Fullerton on drums and Steve Hemmens on bass.  Our managers were Colin Morris and Midge Marsden.  We played various blues festivals and at the blues club which was off Willis Street.  Later Rick Bryant joined us.

Later after I'd left Gutbucket, I joined Tapestry as guitarist.  The lineup then was David Feehan on vocals and bass, Wayne Feehan on Keyboards and Graham ("Mouse") McFarlane on drums.  We released 2 singles - "Midnight Rider" recorded in Sonic Studios (now long gone) and "It's Wrong", which was recorded in HMV Studios and made number 8 on the NZ charts in about 1972.  We were on TV twice and played in various places in the North Island and were together for 18 months.

After being out of music from the 70's (though I still never gave up the guitar) I was in a Band called Sneakers Fall Apart in 1986, and played solo in the 90's at cafes.

I have released 2 solo albums - "56 Coopers Lane" in 1998 and Phosphorescence in 2006.

Now I play in a duo The Red with my partner Leona Palmer and in another band called Contra with 2 guys from 100db local blues band.

Laurence Cooper


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