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First published in November 2007, last updated August 2009

Photos & Memorabilia - Fourmyula

Click <here> to watch Martin's "You Tube" photos video

I first began playing the guitar at primary school with my friend Les Gruebner (Grub) and when we went to Heretaunga College in Upper Hutt I auditioned for the school band.  All the boys in the band were older but I got the job and we played at our school socials. 

When the year ended I was left to form a new school band as the others had left school so Les and I put a notice on the notice board for a keyboard player.  Wayne Mason replied and we formed a band together with Frank Stevenson and James McEwen on drums.  Frank was a great singer (still is) - we won a talent quest and got our photo in the local paper! 

We had a few name changes along the way Sinewaves, Insect, etc. 

When James left we found a new drummer who even had a kit of Ludwig drums!  His name was Chris Parry and when Chris joined things started to move as his Dad had a Commer truck (the Green B) and we could carry the gear! 

Soon after Les left and we got a new bass player Ron (nickname "Cass " who left to play with the Simple Image soon after).  Frank had already left to sing with the Castaways and Wayne and I did the singing, and together with a very young Ali Richardson on bass we did some recording (as the Fourmyula).  It was decided we would need a "real" singer and we pinched Carl Evensen from the Kal Q lated Risk and went to Dunedin to rehearse.  When we returned Carl freaked out at the first gig in Lower Hutt (nerves!). 

Having won the battle of the bands we were off to the UK with our manager Perry Lennon (from our old school).  I must say having Tom McDonald, Bruce Warwick and Midge Marsden helping us with gigs and the radio air play was very fortunate.  Wayne and Ali found a book on songwriting and went on to write much of our stuff.  We would spend days and days arranging the songs to record, and when "Come with Me" (the B side) went up the charts, EMIs Howard Gable gave us a lot of freedom in the studio, as did Peter Dawkins and later Alan Galbraith. 

England was hard for us NZ boys we spent our money and starved. Ha! 

Our second trip was better we had English management and Jim Pilcher with us helping out.  We played and recorded in some great places ,even Abbey Road studios.  The band gradually dissolved.  I came back to NZ and played with Midge in the Country Fliers then went to Auckland and played in one of many lineups of the Human Instinct.  I did 2 albums with them and spent a lot of time with John Donoghue

But it was time to travel again and I went to California with my friend Suzie and did some playing (Country Music) around LA.  

In the 80s I played with Peter Caulton and Andrew Forrer (from Beech) here in Australia, then in a backing band travelling all over Oz backing many overseas artists, lots of bands and lots of miles - lots of recordings too.  Along the way I recorded a CD of my own songs and have some great players among my friends. 

I still play the old 61 strat I bought from Dave (Avengers). 

We should always keep playing!!

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