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First published in July 2007

Max can be contacted at

Photos & Memorabilia - Devils, Napier Brothers

Hi Andy, we played together a few times in the 50's. ( Youth Clubs Mainly) I started with the 4 Coachmen. Ian Hull-Brown on Drums, Gus Campbell on bass, and myself on guitar doing bad Hank Marvin impressions.

I went on to join up with Colin and John Lock, (The Sky Rockets.) Peter McKee on drums and Leo THE VOICE.  Sadly we lost John some years back .

I went to Napier in the early 60's and fell into a plum job playing bass with Johnny and the Contacts at the top Hat Ball room.  The Contacts led by Mac Walker (Mr Cool) and featured John Lyndsay and a fat horn Section (Noel and Paul) Huge vocals by Gary.  Whatever happened to those guys?

Another group that the Contacts often shared the bill with was Ernie Rouse and his Trad band. Craig Berry featured on Banjo. Craig is alive and well here on the Gold Coast.  QLD I don't see a lot of Craig but he is a respected muso and has developed into quite a good singer in the Satchmo style.

Colin Lock and I joined up again in Sydney in the mid 60's. We worked pubs and Clubs as the Devils (John Devlins backup) then became the Kiwi 4.  Bob Taylor on key boards and Kevin Mckeefrey on Drums.  I replaced Barry Coupland on Bass.  Barry left music and became a very successful marine engineer.  I haven't heard from Kevin in a while, but I recently visited Bob Taylor who lives in Moree, NSW and has become a very good DJ on ABC radio.  He is an avid record collector and has one of the largest collections of music in Australia.

Colin Lock and I eventually formed a Cabaret act and spent many years as the Napier Brothers, and enjoyed the relative successes that came to us before moving to the Gold Coast in the Early 80's.

Colin has retired but still plays the odd gig, and does a lot of work for charity.  I have embraced the corporate world and am a senior executive with the Classic Group.

It would be great to hear from any of the guys from the old days, feel free to pass this on to any who may care.

Good Luck Max Hyde

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