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First published in August 2011

Michael can be contacted at trixmike@xtra.co.nz

I was born at a young age in Waiuku.  Like many Kiwi lads I was inspired to play music by “The Beatles”.  At that time I was playing piano but admired McCartney’s bass playing so took up the bass. 

One of my early 60’s memories is watching “The We Three” show on television and admiring the group that played on that show.  This was “The Clevedonaires”.   The basis of which was the Brown siblings Graham, Ron and Gaye.  Ironically I am currently playing with them in their reformed state of “The Cleves” which was their name when they went to Australia.

I am also playing in “The Rock n Roll All Stars” with John Loveday (well known rock n roller), Rob Noad (ex Hi Revving Tongues) and Chris Ampleford (Mr Versatile).  With Chris I have played in many bands around Auckland including The Waiters, Satisfaction, Unfinished Business and the new Cleves.  One of my favourite pastimes is collecting signatures of 60’s muso’s for my copy of “Hostage To The Beat”.  Thanks for signing in it Andy.

A great musical memory is backing Billy T James when he first came back to NZ.  What a talent he was.  I will be off to see his movie for sure.  Although the body is aching I can still play music while my sporting days are gone.  That’s the great thing about music. 

I would like to mention other un-sung (ha ha) heros I have played with along the way.  Denis Larcombe, Alistair Oliver, John Sommers, Warwick Henderson (brother of Brian), Stan Cooper, Robyn and Richard Spencer (Towers), Brian Urbhan (uncle of Keith Urban), Bruce Young, Rick Shirley, Mo Dawson, Andy Stewart, Charlie Gray (yes The Charlie Gray), Bill Bacon, Roger Wiles (The Gremlins), Robert Long and Ron Bymolt.  Other local muso’s I admire are Ken Strong, John Campion, Tony Smith, Kerry Hawksworth and the guys in the Kavalliers.

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