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First published in October 2007, last updated June 2009

Photos and Memorabilia Tornados, Wellington 60's Reunions

Over the years I've kept in touch with an old mate/rival/musician, Barry Coupland, who gave me your address, so I thought I'd just let you know that I'm still about which, sadly, is not the case for half of the original Supersonics

Jim McNaught of course departed this Earth late 70's. 
Barry Walden late 90's. 
My brother, Bob, died five years ago in Brisbane. 

Yes, I haven't managed to kick the habit yet and probably never will.  I still play gigs regularly with my old mate Brian Gunson (Skyrockets).  We've now been playing for 38 years, never fallen out, never argued, boring I know but compare that to nearly every other band.  Just this year we've been enjoying the addition of Glen Timihou (Bass & Vocals) which adds a new dimension to the sound especially three part harmonies.  Glen is a bit younger than us but he was certainly around in the 70's and worked with a number of groups including Tapestry and Creation. 

I had an association with the Premiers at recording sessions including "Clap your Hands"/"Wimoweh" etc.  Memories which are still fondly clung to I might add. 

Other memorabilia often springs to mind in this regard: Backing Paul Walden as The Mana Quintet.  Backing Baz Tubert (R.I.P.) as The Tubes.  Do you remember Mr Pedals Molloy?  And of course the rock 'n' roll jamboree's in the Wellington Town Hall backing up our answer to Elvis, Johnny Devlin.  These were mostly run by Johnny Cooper. and he's still around!!  

When I was at Wellington Technical College, a mate and I put a small group together to compete in a College talent quest.  We played "Guitar Boogie".  I played Bass I think and my mate played lead.  His name was Neil Harrap!  And we won!!

Another mate who was in my form/class was Malcolm Hayman.  We didn't even know he could could sing till he surfaced in later years with the Quincey Conserve.

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