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First published in June 2009, last updated July 2009

Paul can be contacted at

Photos & Memorabilia - Decent Chaps, Grand Country Band, Captain Custard, Band of Brothers, Legend, Wellington Reunion 2009

Paul Whyte ( Drummer )

It all started for me in 1964, and I guess we all know what happened then, my Mother brought me a second hand set of Ajax Drums,

First Band of note was The Chase, 1968 to 1970 ( Doug Turnbull guitar, Jeff Curtis guitar Bernie Gardiner Bass ) Beatles covers etc, met Phil Hope for the first time as well ........ we worked for Tom McDonalds UBA, doing his usual dance spots at the time, first up act etc, for Bands like The Dedikation, Reaction, and played the late spot at the DownTown Club, where I first got to meet Malcolm Hayman.  We did not get paid a lot, but what a time to be playing music in.

I970 to the mid 70's various Bands of the time, of note though, worked with The Ed Morris run Steve Gilpin Show, which also featured John MacRae, ( nice shirts John ), Bernie Gardiner Guitar, Richard Adcock Bass, fill in Drummers used as well Vic Singe, Bruno Lawrence.  All this before Steve moved to Hamilton and the rest is History.  Steve was taken from us 6th Jan 1992 after being in a coma after car accident in Australia, sad loss huge talent.

Mid 70's of note Don Burke with the Decent Chaps, Boggie, ZZ Top etc, me on Drums, Bernie Gardiner Bass, sometimes Larry Waide, and Andy Anderson vocals when on the Planet, great voice, worked mainly Ziggys ex Downtown, Seven Seas Bar, St George Hotel. some TV stuff on the First Grunt Machine.

Moving on, of note, Mike Riley, brother of John, Grand Country Band, replaced Peter Evans on Drums, Jocelyn and Mike on vocals an guitar, Bruce Todd on Guitar replaced later by Bernie Gardiner, Noel Forsyth on Bass.   Resident at the Kings Cross Hotel, late 70's eighties, various line up rock bands etc.  Joined Captain Custard Band with Malcolm Hayman after the Loveridge Boys left, in which various musicians came and went, the band backed various artists like Billy T James, Eddie Low, Maria Reid, from the Radio times show, of note Stu Petri, bass, Warrick Simons, key boards, Jimmy Dwan guitar.  Malcolm passed away 5th November 1988 after a long illness.  Following with the Silver Dollar Band, Stu Petri Bass, Maria Reid, vocals, Bruce Phantom Robinson, guitar. 

On into the nineties, various gigs, filling in for various Bands, of note Legend, with Bruce Robinson on guitar, Rick Adcock on bass, Maria Reid vocals, Carl Evenson, vocals, Still actively play today, filling in at times with various Bands, and Church music, play a fully restored 1978 Ludwig drum kit with all the bells and whistles I purchased back then.

Keep rocking,

P W.

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