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First published September 2013


Peg Emmett - "Great club back then, Hell on one side and Heaven on the other.  I was an Aussie working as we all did in Hotels and I ended up dating the Bouncer of that club,  Hector Hapata – not  sure of spelling.  He ended up coming to Australia, was a very bad boy and ended up running gambling, prostitution, horse racing scams etc.  Luckily for me, as I could have ended up his de facto wife “Miss Tilly” and would be probably be dead my now like poor old Hector, died while in half way house after release from many years in prison.
I am now a two times married, and now de facto for last 16 years 67 year old (not) and still watch jukebox jury on austar channel 183 every saturday night, and have all the hits of 50, 60, and 70’s.  Boy what a great time it was to be living in, and if I had my time all over again, I would do MOST of it all over again, given the chance.  

Any info. on Sorrento, who used to run it back then, can’t think of his name, but was a great guy and when we girls left for a trip  around the south island, I remember he gave us a lift the the train station in his big limo."


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