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First published March 2017


Haydon Burford - I walked into the Top 20 and coming from Adelaide and had been working at the Princeton Club and the Miami, and Rincon in South Australia I was hired to see the bands got on stage on time and play some vinyl between bands.

Stan Blenkin had just returned from Adelaide and liked the Princeton very much, it was a dance for young people and held about 400 every night, they often put 600 in their two levels. 

My name was Lee Hinton.  Stan helped make that one up as he thought Haydon Burford did not sound cool. 

While I was working there for 5 months I worked and sang with The Premiers, and other bands there were Clive and the Dark Ages and Larry's Rebels, as well did the record playing and wrote all the radio commercials for Top 20 and later the Shiralee. 

I left the Top 20 to go to an old mates 21st...a move I regretted, as Stan was going to introduce me to some guys from Radio Hauraki? and as I had worked a little in radio could have had some fun there. 

Sandy Edmonds was also coming around much to Clive's delight.

Just a few snippets from Winter 1965.


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